In 1944, Paul and Elsa Timmerhaus bought a small cabin 700 yards from the Winter Park Ski Area.  That same year, the 10th Army Division was camped in tents at the ski area.  It was a bitter cold winter and Christmas was near.  Some of the troops had heard Elsa was a good cook.  They asked her if she would cook Christmas Dinner for them.  They also had heard that Paul and Elsa had a dorm and asked if they could stay in the dorm, as it would be warmer than the tent!  Paul and Elsa said yes to both, for a small fee.  This started them thinking about adding on to the cabin and starting a ski lodge. The next summer they started adding on, and kept adding on for years.

In 1968, Don and Jan Waldron bought the lodge, naming it “TimberHouse Ski Lodge”.  They moved to Winter Park from Clear Lake, Iowa with their four boys, Scott 12, Craig 10 Todd 9 and Brian 8 years old.  In 1970, they also started building and adding onto the lodge.  This continued for more than a decade.  Then after 33 years of hard work and lots of fun making new friends every year and the satisfaction of having the same families (some 3+ generations!) coming back year after year, Don and Jan decided to retire.  Todd, his wife Sherri and their son Dane moved from California to take over the lodge, where they continue the same traditions of family, fun and unbeatable hospitality.

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